BY-WM8-PRO-K3 - BOYA UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone with Portable Receiver


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Handheld Transmitter


With a dynamic, cardioid capsule, suitable for BOYA RX8 Pro and SP-RX8 Pro.        

• A or B channel group for selection                   

• Cardioid microphone transmitter                                                                               

• Lightweight, durable housing

• RF output power: ≤10 mW

• Signal-to-noise ratio: 80 dB


Bodypack Receiver                                                                                                               

Features digital companding circuitry and easy- to-read LCD display, suitable for BOYA TX8 Pro, BY-WHM8 Pro and BY-WXLR8 Pro.                     

• Wide frequency coverage

• Adjustable MONO and Stereo                                                                    

• Headphone output

• Distortion: 0.5% or less

• Power supply: 2* AA batteries

Unit Size (in): 14 x 6.7 x 12