A10-RX - AUDIO LIMITED Two Channel Digital Diversity Receiver



A10-RX Two Channel Digital Diversity Receiver

The two-channel A10-RX receiver is an advanced digital tool that works with either one or two A10-TX transmitters. With its Advanced Digital Diversity System the A10-RX receiver selects the best signal between each channel's two receivers.

When at the limits of system operation ADDS combines error-free digital packets from each receiver. This results in lossless, wireless digital audio up to the absolute limits of operation.

The A10-RX is offered in two versions, the A10-RX-SL for uni- and Superslot mounting, and the A10-RX-XLR for stand-alone operation in a production bag.



4.8 in. x 2.7 in. x 0.7 in (12.4 cm x 6.8 cm x 1.8 cm)                                                                     
Product weight:

6.3 Oz. (180 gr)